Dr. Valerie Anne Kirkgaard,

A Renaissance Woman~

editvalWhether falling out of planes or negotiating torrid conversations between those who believe in nuclear power and those vehemently opposed, Dr. Valerie Anne Kirkgaard is the proverbial cat who always lands on her feet. Born with an intrepid curiosity and need to know, Valerie’s unique life journey prepared her to be one of the most engaging Radio Talk Show Host’s on the airways today. Committed to a planet that works for all people, Valerie has been bringing America’s most knowledgeable experts; scientists, athletes, celebrites, world leaders in the public and spirtual realms to her table for almost 20 years. Waking Up in America , the premier social concern radio magazine continues to rivet the airways with provacative and heart-warming conversations. The show has been produced and hosted by Dr. Kirkgaard, since it’s inception in 1987, and has been one of the best kept secrets in Southern California and Arizona. That is, until now. With an ecletic approach to experiencing life, Valerie is equally at home with former presidents and the homeless. Her keen dedication to hearing the “truth” as it is defined by others has brought her the respect and admiration afforded few. Dr. Kirkaard is a retired Marriage, Family & Child Counselor (MFCC), a private consultant focusing on her original work, The Kirkgaard Method: Directed Breath, a mentor to up and coming radio personalities through Radio Classrooms of America, as well as mother to two wonderful adult children. The term Renissance Woman in reference to Dr. Kirkgaard is not used lightly. In addition to her awards and recognition in Who’s Who, Valerie is an inventor, author, journalist, comedian and former television producer.

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