Valerie Anne Kirkgaard, PhD has been riveting the airways with her energetic questions for over 10 years. Always the consummate host, she knows how to bring the best out in her guests, which have included, Dennis Weaver, Senator Alan Cranston, Ambassador Thomas Graham, Authors Jean Houston and Spiritual Leader, Deepak Chopra. Her knowledge and experience doesn’t stop there. Valerie is the creator of The Kirkgaard Method a unique breathing process that clears emotional blockages. Valerie combines her extensive experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist with this powerful tool to bring you tips and techniques that will change your life. To hear the show live on the internet every Wednesday at noon, visit Waking Up In America For more information on the show, visit our media page Media Kit

A diverse and fascinating woman on a passionate quest for the truths of the universe, Valerie shares her unique and exquisite findings from the world with her guests, listeners, clients and you. Here are a few of the wonders Valerie has discovered.

The Ancient Art of Ear Coning

Ear coning dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, Aztec, Mayan and American Indian cultures. Today ear coning is done by Cherokee, Mexican, European and Amish healers (German medical students are taught coning as a part of their medical practice). Many people consider ear coning as necessary a part of personal hygiene as is tooth brushing.

Ear coning is a safe, simple home remedy for relieving pressure, fighting infection, and gently removing toxins and excess wax from inside the ears. Long, tapered cones are inserted into the ears and lit. Warm, dry, powdery smoke from the cone draws out excess fluids, wax and toxic debris by osmosis. At the same time, vaporized beeswax and herbal essences in the smoke infuse their natural infection-fighting properties into the inner ear, sinuses and lymph drainage system. The entire process is relaxing and non-invasive

When Dr. Valerie heard that ear coning, also known as ear candling, was being lost to new generations, she made a commitment to keep the knowledge of this healing art alive. For more information about the process, visit The Coning Company

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